Sunday, January 29, 2017

Need a mental boost? Drink Lavender Tea!

I recently read that lavender oil aromatherapy improved the speed and accuracy with which mathematical calculations were made. In these studies, people performed tests in rooms scented with lavender or some other floral scent or no scent.  Why drink coffee when you can have a hot cup of lavender tea? 

A sweet friend gifted me with lavender scented green tea for Christmas. I've been drinking it for it's incredible scent and flavor. The tea and lavender were all locally produced in Texas by Imagine Lavender Farm. Owned by Bernadette McFarling, the farm produces a range of lavender products including dog soap and bug spray! 

The tea base is sencha and it is scented with lavender, rose petals and also has pomegranate flavor. The lavender scent is only strongly evident after brewing. Initially, I smell a good mixture of rose and lavender. I like the way it tastes but I prefer the lavender sencha from Ito En because I think Ito En's sencha is the best. It is always fresh and has the sweetest aftertaste. 

Ms. McFarling used to be a neonatal nurse who sought the lavender fields of Blanco, TX to avoid the craziness of her workplace. I think a comforting cup of tea is also a form of escape. Don't you?

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