Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Battling the Summer Heat with Ice Cream and Tiesta Tea

The summer heat in Texas is so unbearable that everyone should stock several pints of ice cream in the fridge. While shopping for ice cream, I was distracted by these colorful Tiesta Teas in the bulk aisle. I've never heard of them before so I bagged a few flavors to try.  I actually love drinking hot tea after eating vast quantities of ice cream. Something about the warmth of tea and the coolness of ice cream blends incredibly well together.

The Tiesta teas are so vibrant. Their packaging is bold and colorful. They also group their teas based on different health benefits - anti-inflammatory, heart health, and skin care to name a few. There are a lot of health claims but the research is not exactly that strong so I would take the claims with a grain of salt. But I could write a whole other series of posts about tea and health. 

Moving on to the actual teas. Although many of the flavors were enticing, The first flavor I tried was Earl  grey del la creme. It smells beautiful! Floral and vanilla-y with hints of bergamot. It is more floral than vanilla but not too heady or strong. The flower petals are very large and the tea leaves whole and healthy. These are all very good signs! 

The tea color is beautiful - a deep amber. The fragrant is also diluted. The flavor also left a lot to be desired, being rather weak. I think for someone not into very strong teas, this would be perfect. It smells and looks very pretty and can be consumed without milk. I probably will not be repurchasing but I might try their pure teas in the future. 
I hope you guys are staying cool this summer! 

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