Sunday, January 24, 2016

Japanese Sakura Blend Tea

Come spring time in Japan, and everything - I mean everything, from macarons to white rice is flavored with cherry blossoms. They are incredibly beautiful, no doubt. They smell wonderful. And they will likely fall in your food anyway (if you are eating outdoors). As for taste - for me, I don't love it but I don't hate it. I buy it because I love the fragrance of the subtly sweet and earthy cherry blossom. And, it looks quite pretty. Now that the weather is resoundly cold everywhere in the US (yes, even in Texas), I brewed some of this to remind myself of spring to come.

My sister sent me this Japanese Cherry Blossom Green Tea that she purchased at Cat Island Coffeehouse in Pass Christian, Mississippi. Isn't it great to get tea care packages? I love the packaging. Just, a simple mason jar with a very generous amount of tea. You can see right away the colors are vibrant. Ideally, you want to store tea in an airtight, opaque container but, glass jars are just so pretty. I just store it in a dark cabinet and this works well for me. The other solution is to drink it all quickly.

I love how this tea smells. It is very vegetal and the cherry blossom scent is quite subtle, not overpowering at all. After steeping, it smells even more floral. The color is also very beautiful. A bright, yellow green.

I love how the cherry blossom flavors and scent are not at all overpowering in this tea. Usually, cherry blossom teas turn me off because of the strong aftertaste of cherry blossom but this one is actually quite nice. It is the perfect afternoon tea for a breezy, spring day.

To those covered in snow, cheer up! Spring will come soon! In the mean time, drink more tea to stay warm!

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