Monday, December 28, 2015

Got it in the Bag: Rishi's Matcha Super Green Tea Bags

Tea and coloring books - best way to relax during the holidays.
Many a tea snob (myself included) will tell you that tea bags are often not worth the cost. Cheap tea bags (looking at you Tazo/Lipton/etc) are inexpensive and convenient but the drawback is taste. And for me, that is a major drawback. So, are there any good tea bags out there? Of course. But they are expensive. For the same cost of bagged teas, it is much more cost effective to buy loose leaf teas and bag them yourself. This is what I normally do but sometimes, especially if there is a sale, I will buy tea bags. My favorites include Mighty Leaf and Palais des Thes. These guys known how to make a tea bag and the tea itself is often whole leaves and delicious. Today I will talk about my newest favorite - Matcha Super Green by Rishi.

The adorable cupcakes are from Bird Bakery. The egg carton is such an adorable way to pack mini cupcakes! 
Rishi sells superb teas. And their bagged teas are no exception. A box of 15 tea bags will set you back around $8-10 (depending on where you shop). This is much more than what many people expect to pay. But the quality of their teas is exceptional.

Unsteeped jasmine green (left) and steeped matcha super green (right).
I recently purchased the Jasmine green and Matcha Green. Both are incredibly aromatic and have excellent resteeping qualities. Of the two, I think I prefer the matcha because I like pure green teas. Rishi calls this their "greenest green, with vibrantly fresh matcha and deeply sweet sencha." The tea is a actually a blend of matcha and sencha "grown in the fertile volcanic soils in Japan's Kyushu region." Kyushu is the most southwesterly of the regions of Japan and has many volcanoes and hot springs, meaning exceptionally fertile soil.

In a Wedgwood white cup so you can see how green this tea is.

The color of this green blend is incredibly vibrant (a very good sign) and the taste is absolutely perfect. Anyone who has had pure matcha knows that it can be bitter but fresh matcha is wonderfully sweet both in aroma and taste. I have resteeped this tea several times (about 3 times) and found the taste to be only slightly changed.

For picnics - these light-weight steel cups are a lifesaver. They keep your hands warm and are easy to pack!
For outings, I prefer to bring my own teas. My favorite way of bagging my own teas is with these Japanese tea bags. They are inexpensive and work great! For my tea parties, I always provide guests with these so they can pack their favorite teas. For travel, you can bring your favorite teas without carrying their original containers. But if you don't like being scrutinized by airport security for bringing herbs in little pouches, then my recommendation is high quality tea bags. And you can't go wrong with any of the Rishi teas.

I'm glad adult coloring books are a thing. I love them!
I hope you had a wonderful holiday and a very happy New Year!

Happy Steeps!

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