Friday, November 27, 2015

A Tea Lover's Christmas Wish List

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And now Christmas is here. It is time to start thinking about presents for everyone. Unless you are me and you have been thinking about it all year round. I wanted to compile a list of tea related Christmas presents for the Tea Lover (seriously the best people) in your life.

For the person who wants to get into tea 

1. David's Tea, David's Top 12, $26.00
I love everything about this kit, from the loose leaf teas to the thoughtful addition of filters and teaspoon. If you don't know what your friend likes, a range of flavors from sencha to earl grey to mango madness will let them decide. Also, you can never go wrong with loose leaf tea. For $29.50, this is the perfect gift for someone who wants to start drinking tea.

2. Capital Tea, the Capital Sampler, $39.95
This has 3 of Capital Tea's blends. Personally, I love these choices. Sometimes in a sampler set, you get some weird flavors but this has 3 solid flavors that I think many will enjoy. I love that it comes in such a pretty package (with the signature Capital tins). There are a wide variety of sampler sets so if you just want to introduce someone to Capital Teas, pick from over 10 (!) sampler sets.

3. Ito En, Cozy Winter White Tea Cup Set, $34.00
Adorable knit tea cup set with Apple Chai tea. I think Ito En's teas are wonderful and distinct. And the cup comes with a strainer too!

4. Panatea, Ceremonial Grade Matcha Set, $69.00
This is a very modern looking set. There are cheaper matcha starter sets out there but this comes with a bowl, scoop, whisk and high quality matcha. With the 20% off coupon, it comes out to be a great deal.

5. Bellocq, Signature Blends, $32.00
One of the very best deals from Bellocq. Wonderful tea in a beautiful box. It also includes filters.

6. Dean and Deluca, Mariage Frere, $25.00
I'm not sure if anyone else sells Mariage Frere in the States. Definitely one of the finest tea brands offered.

For your DIY - everything Friend

1. Camellia sinensis seeds to grow your own tea plant. You can also buy seeds but I have heard they are rather difficult to germinate. Good luck with this one.

2. Grind your own matcha kits. These range from simple kitchen gadget ($28.00 on Amazon) to extreme-luxe ($1000).

For the Foodie

1. Vosges, Matcha Chocolate Bar, $7.50
Vosges chocolate is imaginative and truly delicious.

2. Dean and Deluca, Cha No Ka Biscuits, $28.00
A delightful cookie. Freshly made. Should be consumed quickly.

3. Teavana, Rock Sugar, $8.00
Whenever my friends come over for tea, they always want this rock sugar. It is subtlety sweet and absolutely wonderful with any tea.

For Everyone Else

1. Bvlgari, Parfumee Au The Vert, $25 - $165
I love how refreshing and clean this scent is.

2. The Book of Tea, $10.00
One of the most beautiful books I have ever read. Poetic and poignant. Should be read out loud.

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