Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Black and Gold Halloween Tablescape

I love Halloween. I love the costumes, the candy, the colors, the skeletons and skulls and the parties! Halloween parties are so special and there are a million ways to dress them up. You can have classy parties, not so classy ones, and kid parties. But the essentials are the same - you have to have candy, you need pumpkins in some shape or form and some element of spookiness.

For my party this year, I wanted it to be classy. As usual, pick a color scheme and go with it. I chose black and gold and added pops of orange. I think white would also work.

For the table setting, I used my trusty Noritake salad plates and a white dinner plates. Black linen napkins gave the setting a punch of color and my favorite gold flatware went well with my theme.

For the name cards, I painted white pumpkins with acrylic gold paint. I used about 3 coats per pumpkin. I love acrylic paint. It dries fast and mistakes can be easily corrected. I printed out simple vintage tags with names of my guests type on them. I glued them to black card stock and punched small holes at the top of the tag, allowing me to thread twine through. I tied the twine on the stems of each pumpkin. The pumpkins also make a sweet gift for each guest.
Painted white pumpkins gold and put vintage labels for names. I blurred out the names for privacy.
For the menu, I made a small candy bar (with popcorn, pumpkin rice krispy treats, a lot of candy and a ton of candy). We also had jalapeno poppers (wrapped in bacon!), pumpkin chili served inside a pumpkin, corn bread, pumpkin creme brulee and pumpkin pie. I allowed my guests to brulee their own creme brulee - it was a hit but maybe a little bit too popular with the boys, who are all secretly pyromaniacs I think.
Small, pie pumpkins make the perfect vessel for chili!
Really, the most important element of any Halloween party is the guest list. We had a lot of fun examining one another's costumes and played games late into the night.

Orange chrysanthemums in vintage silver sugar pot

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