Monday, July 20, 2015

Marigolds and Bachelors Buttons Herbal Tea Blend

I had a small crisis this afternoon when I looked up from packing and felt only despair at the task at hand. How did I accrue so much junk? I bet that is how most people feel when they are getting ready to move. I stopped packing immediately and went for the tea cabinet (which I still can't bear to pack quite yet). What do you drink when you need to relax? Tea obviously. But what kind?

Since I discovered the tea wall at Central Market, I have been sampling all sorts of Lahaha Teas. I have started to make my own herbal blends with the various roots and flowers offered. I threw together marigolds and bachelors buttons for fun. They aren't exactly tasty and their health benefits are poorly investigated but they are pretty. Sometimes pretty is just fine. I like that Lahaha offers such a range of good quality dried flowers. These marigolds and bachelors buttons were intact and retain a beautiful color.

The tea has a very medicinal taste so I would add sencha or white tea to add more depth and combat the weird flavor. However, if you like herbal blends like this, I think it is fun to try. It has no caffeine so it might be nice as a before bedtime tea.  

I paired the tea with some seasonal fruit and cookies. My parent's fig tree has had a very productive year. Each tiny fruit is incredibly sweet. This tea tray reminds me of Mackenzie Childs (with the chessboard cookies and vibrant sunflowers).

I definitely recommend buying dry flowers (in bulk) and adding them to your tea when you can. They are inexpensive and look great. 

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