Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tea for Indominus Rex - Silver Buds Yabao

To say I was excited for Jurassic World would be a bit of an understatement. Right before going to the movies, I decided to brew some tea, something light to tide me over and prepare for the onslaught of movie theater popcorn. I rooted around my overflowing tea shelf and found Silver Buds Yabao from Verdant Tea.
A brontosaurus looks on as I enjoy my tea. I still have my tiered dinosaur display from my Dinosaur Tea Party.
Silver Buds Yabao is not a traditional tea. It is harvested from the large ancient tea trees of Xishuangbanna in Yunnan. The tea has this interesting look because it is actually compact buds of the tea trees. Although this particular batch was plucked in the winter of 2008, the taste is quite fresh. Although some refer to these buds as "white puerh" or "raw puerh," the appearance and taste are quite unlike traditional puerh.

The buds remind me a bit of pupae or maybe dinosaur toes.
Before it is steeped, the tea has no distinctive smell. Immediately after steeping, there is a crisp pine scent radiating from the cup. Verdant Tea states that there are notes of cinnamon, cloves and toasted marshmallows in addition to pine. Those notes are too subtle for me to pick out but the pine is very evident.

As you will notice, my tea cup is almost clear. The first time I brewed the tea, I let it steep for ages before drinking because I was worried about the color.  To me, lack of color means lack of flavor. This tea is incredibly light and lacks the earthy punch of other puerh teas. It is even lighter than sencha. It tastes like an incredibly light herbal tea. But, the longer it sits in your mouth, the more nuanced you will find the flavors. You will notice the Silver Buds are actually sweet and leave a sweet after taste. I find the tea refreshing, light and sweet overall. I think it will make a great, cold spa water because it is so subtle and refreshing.

Guess what these little cakes are. Durian mochi! Surprisingly the durian was a hit with the cats.
Give it a chance if you have the opportunity!

Thank you for reading!