Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Cup of Tea For Father's Day - Lahaha's Aged Rose Pu-erh

My favorite grocery store (Central Market) has a great bulk goods selection, selling gourmet chocolate, nuts, grains, coffee, candy, and of course tea. I spent a long time in front of the wall of Lahaha Tea, a new (ish) brand of tea, ultimately deciding to buy a little of each.

Lahaha means "Happy Tasting" and was founded by Angie Lin in 2009. They are committed to providing high quality, organic teas. I trust the brand, because I trust Central Market to carefully curate a selection of gourmet foods. Today, I drank Aged Rose Pu-erh, because I was curious about how rose would be incorporated into the puerh.

A colorful assortment of pu-erh mini tuocha from Lahaha. Which one should I drink next?
I think the packaging for Lahaha is pretty but a little too trendy. The label says this tea will improve "skin and body condition." But, I did not see any information about the tasting notes. The tea is shaped into a tuocha (nest) and wrapped in foil or paper. The mini tuocha is my favorite shape because it means I do not need to measure out how much tea goes into my pot.

The color is beautiful, a very deep amber. The smell is earthy and musky. The floral tones are pretty much swallowed by the earthiness of the aged pu-erh. I found the taste very smooth and warm, like many other pu-erh teas actually. It is not particularly unique. I was a little disappointed that the "rose" note was undetectable. Overall, I find it velvety and rich. I would drink it again (but probably not buy it again).

I paired my tea with a summer salad. I was happy to see these Cincinnati Radishes at Central Market as well. They have a somewhat strong radish bite. Paired with cool sour cream, they make a delightful, crisp salad.

I went to eat with my parents today and as usual, we finished our meal off with tea. Sitting with my parents, with the rain tapping the windows, twirling a warm cup of tea in my hands, I am content. Content with my life and happy with the ability to enjoy an afternoon with my parents. I want to wish every father a Happy Father's Day! And a special Happy Father's Day to you Dad, for being Mr. Fix-It, Chauffer in Charge, and Old Reliable. In many ways, I would not be where I am without you.

Thank you for reading!