Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dinosaur Themed Tea Party

"Growing up sucks. People aren't nearly as eager to know what my favorite dinosaur is."  - 50 Cent.

Truer words were never spoken Mr. Curtis Jackson! How can you not love dinosaurs? To celebrate my love for these gargantuan reptiles I decided to make a dinosaur themed tea party. Since I am not a toddler, I wanted my dinosaur tea party to be a classy affair. Impossible you say? Well, I beg to differ.

Esteemed guests took home an african violet with a hand-painted gold dinosaur. I just painted plastic dinosaurs with gold acrylic paint. Instant glam.
I provided the usual fare, tea sandwiches, fruit, and french pastries. To make it fit with the theme, I included dinosaur shaped sugar cookies and chocolates prepared in a dinosaur mold.

Instead of place cards, I used sugar cookies. My wonderful friend Katie came early to write names in icing. 
I suggest dinosaur shaped cookies. You can also use your dinosaur cookie cutter to make dinosaur-shaped sandwiches or fruit. 

Orchids have been dated to the dinosaur days!
To make the party more dinosaur themed, I suggest using tropical plants like orchids, palms, bird of paradise, and heliconia. 

A tiered display of dinosaurs and preserved moss. The smaller "rocks" are chocolate malt balls.

My favorite dinosaur is undoubtedly the very cool and distinct stegosaurus. What is your favorite dinosaur?