Monday, April 13, 2015

Blooming Flower Tea - Jasmine Rose and LA Burdick Chocolates

I can't believe how long it has been since I last wrote a post. I wanted to stay on top of this blog but the past couple of weeks have been insane. I went to Boston for Experimental Biology and had quite a bit of preparation to do for my presentations. Conferences are a blast but you really need a game plan. Thankfully I went with people I adore so it made my trip very enjoyable. Also, Boston, snow in April is crazy. I feel for all Bostonians. They are a strong people.

Anyway, I did get to enjoy a lot of tea in Boston. One of my favorite places was actually a chocolate shop called LA Burdick. I bought some Easter chocolates for my parents (and myself). I thought they would make a great pairing with any of my teas.
Chocolate bunny and mouse with marzipan eggs.
My tea today is called Budding Jasmine Rose from Ito En. 

Suddenly, your table is filled with the beauty and bouquet of flowers! Young silver-tip tea leaves of exceptional quality are scented with jasmine, then wrapped around a real rosebud.  - Ito En

Isn't that lovely? This tea is probably my favorite blossoming tea, simply because it tastes the best. It may not be the prettiest but it has the most wonderful flavor and aroma. The first time I watched it blossom, I thought it was defective because it barely did anything exciting, unlike the budding osmanthus from Ten Ren. The focus of this tea is definitely on flavor, something I appreciate much more than appearance. I can resteep this blossom at least 3 times without loosing the bright initial flavor. 

I paired my tea with these charming chocolates but really, the tea is perfectly fine alone. I just wanted to eat these guys. Each mouse and bunny is handmade. They are filled with a moist and subtly sweet ganache of varying flavors. The ears are made with toasted almonds. Isn't that clever? I recommend trying these signature mice (and penguins) if you get the chance. 

Hope your week is going wonderfully! Thank you for reading!