Friday, March 13, 2015

Greek Yogurt, Apricot Jam, and Walnut Tea Sandwich Recipe

I made quite a lot of Greek yogurt recently. I strain my homemade yogurt for more than 12 hours. The result is the most awesome, super-thick Greek yogurt I could ever hope for. I ate most of it with fresh fruit but I also used some to make one of my favorite tea sandwiches. This recipe is very easy and you can substitute most of the ingredients for what you have laying around.

2 slices of bread (I use HEB's crustless white bread...because it is magic)
2 - 4 tbsp Plain Greek yogurt (you can also use cream cheese as a substitute... no judgement here)
2 tbsp apricot jam (or any jam or even saw sliced up fruit like bananas or mango)
Walnuts - Coarsely chopped/broken (or whatever nut you like)


1. Slather both slices of bread with Greek yogurt (or cream cheese)
2. Top both (or one slice of bread) with your choice of jam
3. Chop up some walnuts and sprinkle one slice of bread
4. Put the slices of bread together.
5. Cut it up all pretty and eat. 

Easy right? I paired my tea sandwiches with Moroccan Mint Tea from Teavana. It was a sort of gloomy day here (rainy, cold) and I was feeling under the weather. Mint tea is soothing and lovely. I like this one from Teavana but I think mine is loosing some of its minty-ness. I think crushing up one peppermint leaf and steeping it with the tea would give it the extra punch I wanted. 

Enjoy your weekend! I hope there are lots of pretty Spring days ahead where you are!