Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tea in the Mail - Packaging and Sending Tea

My sister is always sending me sweet teacups for my collection and is very supportive of my blog. To thank her, I wanted to send her some of my recent favorites. To show that I care, I put a lot of effort into my packaging and wrapping (always).

The items I purchased were not expensive at all. In fact, if you stumble on a good sale/coupon for Hobby Lobby and Michaels, you will pay under $5 to get all the shipping items needed.

-Tea (or some other gift)
-Bubble wrap (I save the ones I get from Amazon or One King's Lane so I never have to buy any).
-Tissue Paper (Again, save the ones you get from other places or just ask for some extra)
-Wrapping paper (this is where I always splurge but I take advantage of major sales/coupons)
-Ribbon (Save good ones and stock up during sales. Mine were all under $1)
-Glass jars with air-sealed lid
-Paper labels (I made my own but there are many templates online that you can print out)
-Scissors + Tape + Glue

Optional - Thick brown shipping paper. $3 at our local grocery store.

I really like these small glass jars for sending tea. Tins would be lighter and probably better but I like that you can see the teas. I included my recent favorites: Ito En's Sweet Green Pu'erh, Lavender Sencha and Bellocq's Etoile de l'Inde. I didn't actually send the sugar cubes because my sister does not take sugar with her tea. I think sweetener is a nice gesture for someone who does like sugar/honey in their tea.

I put tea in the jars, slapped labels on them and cushioned them in plenty of bubble wrap. I wrapped everything up with this gorgeous Papyrus paper (it has a lovely woven texture).

I was a wee bit lazy with my labels. I could have made them better but I think they turned out fine.

Lucky Lunar New Year money.

Papyrus wrapping paper is the best. 

Happy sips!

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