Monday, February 2, 2015

Rose Green Tea Makes the Perfect Gift for Valentines Day

February is here! With it comes snow, sleet, rain, and worst... Valentines Day. You have to get your significant other/BFF a gift but the dazzling pink and red aisles in the stores hurts your eyes and have you running out the door. You want to wow your loved one but can't think of anything outside of the heart-shaped, chocolate-filled boxes. Well, I have a solution for you. This year... how about tea? This subtle Rose Green Tea from Ito En would make a perfect Valentines Day gift! It embodies the holiday with its sweet roses but can be consumed year round.

Rose green tea for valentines day
Sweet Valentines Day card from Trader Joes.
I think it is one of the prettiest teas I have ever seen. Don't you love it when you get exactly what you are expecting? Sometimes vendors will take pictures with huge chunks of fruit or full flowers to entice you to buy their tea. When you open up the package, what you see is crumbled up fruit or disintegrated flower petals. Not so with Ito En. What you see is what you get . My tea came with full rose buds, delicate but not crushed. I was so happy to see the bright pink blossoms cradled between all the green tea leaves.

Look at those huge rose buds! How do they retain so much color after they dry?
The rosy scent of the tea is extremely subtle, hardly noticeable actually. I smell more lush, grassy green tea than floral rose. It is similar in taste, extremely subtle hints of rose. It is more like a sencha than anything else. It just adds a bit of jazz to my everyday house sencha (when I am feeling wild and want to mix things up...). It would make the perfect gift for that special someone who loves green tea but not overly strong floral tones. It is very pretty so storing it in a glass jar with a cute ribbon makes for super simple and adorable gifting.

My other recommendation for Valentines day tea is this Chocolate and Strawberry Puerh from Lupicia It is rich and robust. It also goes perfectly with those Valentines day chocolates you are bound to receive.

Chocolate Yoku Moku biscuits are also ideal Valentines Day gifts. They go perfectly with all kinds of tea.

A pretty ribbon makes such a statement!
Happy February!

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