Friday, January 9, 2015

Tomato Jam (and cheese) for Breakfast

I am so blessed to have such awesome friends. For Christmas, I received a jar of tomato jam from a sweet pal who loves food and science just as much as me. It is the perfect thoughtful gift - homemade, novel, and best of all, edible. 

Tomato jam with cheese on toast. 

I love jams and preserves. I have a large assortment (about 9 different flavors in my fridge at the moment) that I pile on with bread and butter for breakfast, almost every morning. What better accompaniment for bread and jam, than tea? I am having Teavana's English Breakfast (a bit boring and bland). I think the sweetness of jam pairs well with something strong like black tea. 

For this particular jam, my friend suggested I put cheese on top (so it is like a grilled cheese). I did not hesitate to comply and found it really tasty! I don't have a recipe but Country Magazine has a really easy-looking recipe (only 3 ingredients!). 

Happy sips!

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