Monday, December 22, 2014

Silver and Gold Themed Christmas Party

My friends and I take turns hosting the annual Christmas party and this year it was my turn. For decorations, I started with a color scheme and worked around it. I am always drawn to gold and silver so it was easy for me to find my base colors. Once you have your colors, shopping for items is way less overwhelming.
A very cheap burlap table runner and tiny live cedar trees (thank you Trader Joes) are really all the decor this table needed.
I decorated my tree in white, silver and gold. My theme was "take flight" so I had mostly winged ornaments (dragonflies, butterflies, owls, peacocks). I like the "less is more" concept with my tree. I don't want to weigh it down with too many ornaments or tinsel. And I did not get any glass ornaments because I was worried the cats would break them. In my guest bedroom, I had a very colorful tree with multi-colored lights and magenta peacocks but my living room was very tame. 
The man who cut my Christmas tree gave me all the extra branches I wanted. I threw them all over my home for easy holiday decor.
For the table setting, I wanted to keep it fairly simple and by staying with my theme, it looked very pulled together and elegant. On the menu was an roasted herbed pork rack, roasted root vegetables, green bean casserole, broccolini and pumpkin chiffon pie (with whipped cream).

For games, we had a White Elephant gift exchange (Slytherin socks and a new bread knife... score!). We also played Catch Phrase (I love this game). And lastly, Christmas crackers from Williams Sonoma! They are so much fun. Although the toys are not that great and the jokes are a bit lame, the explosions and confetti were a blast! The crowns are also really goofy. We all wore our crowns for a group selfie (groupie?). The small Christmas crackers actually do not contain crowns or trinkets so be careful when selecting which ones to get. You can also purchase them at Pier One or Sur La Table. 
In the gift box are homemade palmiers and Russian tea cookies. I also gave away some tea (naturally). Bows are in silver and gold. I didn't bother gift wrapping the boxes because I like the brown from the boxes. 
It was a lot of fun but totally exhausting.  I hand washed all the crystal and flatware. I really should only hand out one fork per person next year. Now I am unwinding at work (I know that sounds weird but it is so quiet and peaceful here today). I hope you also have an enjoyable Christmas with friends and family!

Now all that is left is waiting for Santa.

Happy Holidays!

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