Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tea Fit For a Queen: Fortnum and Mason's Royal Blend

The mad rush of the Holidays is only beginning! For the first time this year, I am feeling incredibly overwhelmed and pressured by the sales. I love shopping but I hate not being able to bank on one day like Black Friday (I try not to leave the house on this day because of the mob-like atmosphere) and cyber monday (a homebody shopaholic's favorite day). I just got an email claiming "Sunday is the new cyber Monday" and another saying "Black Friday Weekend." It is really too much.

I also saw that Black Friday is just now becoming a thing in Great Britain. And much madness ensued (as expected of Black Friday). Speaking of British things, I recently obtained some tea from Fortnum and Mason. Awhile back, I saw some really pretty pictures of the Duchess Kate posing with hampers from Fortnum and Mason and I really, really wanted to try everything in the baskets. But, international shipping costs stopped me. Bah, I hate shipping charges.

Luckily, I found that Williams Sonoma carries a few Fortnum and Mason items. I couldn't decide what to get. There was the Jubilee tea, breakfast blend, afternoon tea, wedding breakfast, Queen Anne and finally the Royal Blend. So many choices! I decided to go with the Royal blend since the description from Williams Sonoma sounded so pretty. See below:

Suppliers of tea to the royal houses for over 300 years, an achievement honored by numerous Royal Warrants of Appointment, Fortnum & Mason is a destination for fine teas from far-away lands, and is the center of excellence, knowledge and passion for the golden brew that defines a nation. In this classic Fortnum's blend, low-grown Flowery Pekoe from Ceylon lends an uplifting note to the maltier Assam to make a very traditional cup of tea. First blended for King Edward VII in the summer of 1902, Royal Blend has been popular ever since for its smooth, almost honey-like flavor, enjoyable at any time of day. Fortnum’s famous loose-leaf tea is beautifully packaged in an embossed and giftable caddy.

I think it is a nice black tea. It is definitely smooth, not tart and has a clean finish. It is malty but somewhat sweet. It has a pleasant smell, clean but not overly floral. As with many black teas, I think milk and sugar would make this really enjoyable. I don't usually take milk and sugar but I like having something sweet. Today, I have pumpkin pie with a cream cheese swirl (who doesn't love Thanksgiving leftovers). I can sit and enjoy my pie and tea while people are running around attacking each other over heavily discounted TVs. I think my Black Friday is infinitely more enjoyable.

If you are out shopping, best of luck and stay safe! Happy Sips!

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