Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Bone Clocks and Assam Rose Mint Tea

This morning I woke up with one goal in mind: finish reading The Bone Clocks. I was too exhausted last night but this morning, fueled by assam tea and scones, I finished. I am deeply impressed by David Mitchell's genius. If I could write like Mr. Mitchell, my blog would have more readers for sure. The story was absolute captivating from beginning to end. I won't spoil it here for you but I will say I highly, highly recommend this book.

If you want spoilers and a somewhat negative review, please read James Wood's piece at the New Yorker. Although I agree with Mr. Woods on certain aspects of the book, I do not think those minor things took away from my enjoyment. It is highly entertaining with witty characters (or rather, a witty author) and a fascinating fantasy world. I will say I was creeped out in the first few chapters but that was replaced by curiosity as I encountered more characters and learned more about the world (and other world) they inhabit.

Such pretty rose petals and spearmint leaves.
On to today's tea tray: I decided to brew a black tea to go with my sweets (whipped cream and black tea are an amazing pairing). The scones are plain and very easy to make. I like having an assortment of jams and whipped cream available as toppings. I put the jam in egg cups. Aren't they cute? The tea is from Minor Thread, an artisanal tea blend I purchased from One King's Lane. The tea is definitely minty but the rose flavor is nonexistent. I also think the assam is quite lacking, weak in comparison to other, more robust assam teas.

I purchased the jasmine artisanal blend as well and I think this rose assam is a hundred times better. The packaging is just ok. The tiny (baby food sized) jars are cute but the label definitely needs works. I think Minor Thread makes a pretty tea blend but they definitely need to work on coaxing flavors. I like it enough to drink it all (not that there was very much) and never buy it again (it was also very expensive for being so tasteless, $15/oz). Have any of you tried Minor Thread? Are there better flavors out there?

Happy Sips!

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