Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Cat Costumes and Candy Bar

The kitties and I are really getting into the Halloween Spirit. Well, at least I am, and like all doting pet owners, I am forcing my spirit on them. I bought the popular cat-shark costume for Boi Boi and the lion costume for Chantecaille. It was a bit humiliating but no one was harmed (except for me, I'm used to the scratches though) and I treated them to something tasty afterward. All of Chantecaille's photos are blurry because he was so eager to escape.
This face says, "I love this costume and I am not plotting ways to end you.
King of the Jungle

While Chantecaille ran everywhere, Boi Boi remained still and gave us the stink eye.

So, what else did I do besides torturing the household animals? I set up my candy bar! I love the idea of mini bars for guests. They can snack and mingle. There are a bunch of amazing candy bar layouts online. Mine is missing some cupcakes but I wanted to post this before things get too busy next week. Maybe it will give you some ideas for setting up your own candy bar.

Above is my creepy mini bouquet. The roses are dry (they are the same ones from my fall tea party) and the purple leafy foliage is kale! I love the color and how creepy it looks. I added plastic spider rings to amp up the creepy. I like that you can insert the ring between flower petals so they stay put. Here is a much cooler bouquet using live flowers and bugs from Martha Stewart.

Again, I used spider rings to make it all look creepier. I got the apothecary bottles and mini tombstone from Michaels.

Happy Halloween!! 

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