Saturday, October 4, 2014

Extraordinary Desserts Pure Green Tea

I am starting on a new book (as per Amazon recommendation), The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. Naturally, I cannot start a new book without tea and cookies nearby. Today, I am drinking Pure Green Tea from Extraordinary Desserts.

I visited Extraordinary Desserts in April and was instantly smitten by all the cakes and pastries. Every cookie and every cake was a work of art. Orders can be placed to go or you can sit in the cafe and enjoy freshly brewed tea (or a refreshing apéritif). I ordered the premium sencha and was captivated by the quality. Hoping to recreate this wonderful visit, I purchased the Pure Green Tea as a souvenir. I did get to smell all the teas on display but was drawn to the green tea (and they did not have jasmine out). 

Considering the store sells Mariage Frere teas and decorates its cakes with edible roses, I expected the packaging to be highly elaborate. I also expected it to taste very good. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed by how boring it was (in terms of packaging and taste). The description says that there is a fruity note but I do not get that at all. It is very vegetal and earthy (like any green tea). The color is darker than what I normally associate with green tea and the aroma is pretty much nonexistent.  For such an expensive tea ($26/3.5 oz is hardly a bargain), it was quite ordinary.

I could purchase some other green tea for less but I am very happy to have tried this. Although I do not recommend buying this, I do recommend visiting Extraordinary Desserts. It was the highlight of my trip (just barely edging out seeing the red pandas at the zoo). 

Happy Sips! 

P.S. I have decided to stop putting numbers on the tea reviews. I find it so hard to quantify. I will just try my best to describe the tea and tell you whether I liked it or not.

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