Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cream of Earl Grey from David's Tea

Happy Wednesday! I am taking a small break from work (started way too early this morning) and wanted to post my thoughts on David's Tea's Cream of Earl Grey.
As soon as I opened the bag, I was overwhelmed by the vanilla and floral fragrance of David's Tea's Cream of Earl Grey. I felt like I was attacked at the fragrance aisles of a department store. This stuff is strong! And I was quite sure I would not like it. I am a lover of subtlety and this was most definitely not. Like any cream of earl grey, it smells strongly of vanilla and less so of bergamot.

It has cornflower, marigolds and organic black tea leaves.

So, if you like earl grey, I would try this. If you don't like heavily fragrant teas, I would still try it because it tastes weaker than it smells. My brother's favorite kind of tea is cream of earl grey and he likes this a lot. Although he also said that drinking more than one pot of this gives him a headache because of the smell.

Happy Sips!

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