Friday, October 31, 2014

A Tea for Halloween: Pumpkin Spice Tea

Happy Halloween!!

Today at my University there were a ton of people dressed up for Halloween. I saw a young lady dressed as the most convincing Edward Scissorhands ever! She had the costume right down to the facial scarring. I love dressing up for Halloween and I love trick-or-treating. There are not that many trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood but I still have a big bowl of candy. Whoever comes will win in a major way!

Today's tea review is pumpkin spice tea from Capital Teas. It is a black tea blend with pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and sunflower petals

I'll be honest, this tea is a bit boring. I think it should have a lot more pumpkin-y body. Do you know what I mean?  I want it to have that starchiness from the Lupicia's sweet potato pie tea. The pumpkin flavor is indiscernible and the spices are pretty underwhelming. I smell more fermented fruit than anything else and fermented fruit isn't supposed to be in here. The tea itself has a tangy finish that I am not crazy about. The one thing I do like is the creamy (vanilla?) aftertaste. I will not be buying this again and I do not recommend it. If you want a taste of fall, I suggest Lupicia's sweet potato pie tea instead. 

Can you believe it is almost November? Now we can all start planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas (not that many of us are not already). Still, enjoy your Halloween! It is not often that it lands on a Friday.

Happy Sips! 

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