Monday, September 22, 2014

A Taste of Fall: Lupicia's Sweet Potato Pie

An odd cold front came through last night, dramatically changing the weather from 95°  to 65° F. No transitions whatsoever! That is just the dynamic state of where I live. The change was hardly unwelcome. I couldn't wait to pull out sweaters and socks. Some people use this time to fill up on pumpkin spice lattes (the sweetness and cream are incredibly off putting to me... is it a dessert? coffee? coffee dessert?) Anyway, I realize it is blasphemous because the PSL is such an institution but I would rather use this time to fill up on luxurious puerh tea and interesting fall themed flavors like sweet potato pie from Lupicia.

A perfect tea for a rainy autumn day.
I love sweet potatoes and I can tell you this tea tastes exactly like sweet potatoes. I don't know how they distilled its essence but every time I take a sip, I think I have just bitten into a warm roasted sweet potato. Around this time of year in Japan, vendors rolling carts laden with sweet potatoes buried beneath warm charcoal, signal the start of fall. There is no better way to enjoy sweet potatoes than to hold one in your cold hands, watching wisps of steam escaping from the moist flesh and taking the first bite that will always burn your tongue. The caramelization from the roasted potato is so beautifully captured in this tea. 

I would drink this tea again and again all season long.

Happy sips! 

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