Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ito En's Matcha Love Collection, Ceylon Garden

I normally drink coffee in the morning and tea in the evening but I drink black tea in the afternoon to give me energy to continue throughout the day. I never really liked black tea until I went to cafes in Japan. There is such a big French influence in Japanese cafes. Almost everywhere I went, black tea was offered when I asked for tea. Shocking right? Of course green tea (usually sencha) is offered for free (just part of the great service culture in Japan) but according to my host family, black tea was very popular. So, whenever we had cake (pretty much everyday...) we had some form of black tea.

I tried to find a description of this on the Ito En website but it is very vague. It is a blended ceylon tea from the Matcha Love line so it also has matcha powder (I assume...since I can't taste it in here). Ceylon is a common name for tea grown in several places in Sri Lanka. Ceylon apparently has a distinctive aroma that I imagine experts can pick out. I'll be totally honest and say I can't distinguish it from assam or even the blended English breakfast.

This particular blend appears to contain chamomile, mint and lavender. I think the chamomile aroma is the most prominent so if you don't like chamomile... stay away. The lavender is very difficult to distinguish. As I mentioned, I can't taste the matcha at all. To me, it is a light black tea with a bit of chamomile. I wish the mint flavor came out a bit more... but that is just me. It doesn't leave a bad after taste so if you like Ceylon tea, this might be nice to try.

Taste: 6/10
Appearance: 8/10 
Aroma: 5/10 (I'm not crazy about chamomile...)

Personally, I think it would go perfectly with a slice of strawberry chiffon cake.

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