Sunday, August 31, 2014

Winding down with "Cherry Blossom Rose Organic" from Capital Teas

Something huge happened recently. I took a Major Exam that scared me to death. It was painful to prepare and study for and on the day of, I was all nerves. I could barely eat or drink or muster conversation (a difficulty considering it was an oral exam...). Afterwards, I felt completely drained. I went to sleep early and found myself still tired the next day. It was so mentally taxing! I made all these plans while studying as to how I would celebrate the completion of my exam but soon after I was overwhelmed by relief and had no idea what to do with my newfound free time.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ito En's Matcha Love Collection, Ceylon Garden

I normally drink coffee in the morning and tea in the evening but I drink black tea in the afternoon to give me energy to continue throughout the day. I never really liked black tea until I went to cafes in Japan. There is such a big French influence in Japanese cafes. Almost everywhere I went, black tea was offered when I asked for tea. Shocking right? Of course green tea (usually sencha) is offered for free (just part of the great service culture in Japan) but according to my host family, black tea was very popular. So, whenever we had cake (pretty much everyday...) we had some form of black tea.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Ito En's Chiran Yutaka Midori Shincha "Artisanal"

I mentioned before that I am always looking for great green tea. Sometimes I treat myself to more high quality blends. Sometimes by accident... Recently I purchased this artisanal tea from Ito En thinking it was 2 oz for $16.00. It turns out it was only 1 oz! I was so close to emailing the company about their shipping error when I double checked my order. Oops... Well, nothing left to do but enjoy it right?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mariage Frères Jasmin Mandarin

A warning, you will probably see a lot of jasmine tea reviews. Jasmine tea is the tea I grew up drinking and my marker for how good a tea brand is. My parents always bought jasmine tea so I always thought it was superior to all teas and the one I gift and serve to my parents. It is that special. So, of course when I heard of Mariage Frères, I sought out the jasmine.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Teavana's Jeju Island Green Tea

I am crazy for green tea. Just plain, no flowers, no spices. Any kind of green will do but shincha is my favorite. A cup of green tea is perfect in both warm and cold weather. I drink it every day, many times a day, year round, so I need a great tasting everyday green tea that is affordable and delicious. My search is never ending. This week I want to talk about my latest obsession: Teavana's Jeju Island Green Tea.